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15 Quick Ideas

If your looking for some quick wins to start building your Mental Fitness, pick and choose some from here.

ABCDE Thought Challenging

About Automatic Thoughts

ACE Activity

Plan and do activities every day, this will give you a sense of achievement, connection and enjoyment.

Foundation Of Mental Health

Mask UK hope that we can provide you with the ability to handle lifes disapointments.

Friends are for connection

Studies across the world have shown that meaningful relationships are the number one predictor of both happiness and resilience.

Gratitude: The good stuff

Gratitude is a wonderful tool for mental health.

Investing In Micro-Recovery

While everyone knows you should eat healthy, sleep more, exercise, sometimes seem impossible to achieve

Journaling To Make Sense

Although often miligned as old-fashioned, the habit of journaling is simple, yet often overlooked.

Making Friends with Stress

Poorly managed stress undermines our resistance and is on of the biggest risk factors for mental illness.

Mental Fitness Mindset

At the core of Mental Fitness lies a mindset that focuses on improving our mental health with a good plan and a little bit of effort.

Purpose At The Core

Sometimes in life it can feel as though we are 'stuck' - simply drifting through the day with little to inspire or propel us forward.