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Purpose At The Core

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Sometimes in life it can feel as though we are 'stuck' - simply drifting through the day with little to inspire or propel us forward.

As we approach the new year and begin to set ourselves new goals, creating a greater sense of purpose can help us become 'unstuck,' and lead us toward greater fulfilment and satisfaction with how our lives are unfolding.


Purpose gives us a sense of direction in life and is a powerful motivator for how we set goals and use our time. More than the pursuit of pleasure, or the unrealistic state of being 'happy' all the time, living with purpose helps us make sense of our lives and feel as though what we do is significant in some way.

Purpose helps us to answer the question "what is the point?" when things get difficult. When we can tap into our greater purpose, we persist for longer with difficult tasks, and cope better with stress.

People who have a compelling reason to get out of bed in the morning are more able to endure setbacks with calm and resilience when they can articulate the reasons why things matter and are worth suffering for.

The most successful and resilient people are able to explain clearly why their lives have significance to something greater than themselves.

The keys to genuine happiness come not from material possessions or from collecting pleasurable experiences, but from doing something meaningful and worthwhile, usually with the benefit of others in mind, while enjoying as much of the process along the way.


While the idea of 'creating your purpose' can seem intimidating, it doesn't need to be. The most effective pathway to purpose is to serve others. People who live with purpose frame their goals in terms of who they are helping or how they are making the world a better place.

While some people are fortunate enough to quit their jobs to pursue passions that bring them fulfilment, we don't need to be the founder of a start-up to find purpose.

For some people creating purpose might mean a renewed focus on volunteering or giving our time to social causes. It can also mean creating purpose out of the interactions we already have.

Cleaners can find purpose by noticing how their work contributes to the care of sick patients. Tired parents can find purpose by reflecting on how they are helping to raise future generations. Frustrated office-workers can find purpose by going above and beyond to help their customers.

We merely need to look around and notice who we can support, encourage or help with our existing talents and resources.


The first step to figuring out how we can contribute is to assess our current resources and talents. What are the things that you are good at, that can help others, and that bring you joy?

Think about your strengths and resources. Is it the ability to generously give time to others? Are you financially comfortable, and therefore able to support the dreams of young change-makers?

Do What I'm What you have the gift of wisdom, encouragement or good at I enjoy the ability to mentor?

Second, find ways to serve others in what you already do. We can either see our daily responsibilities as an unwelcome burden imposed upon us, or we can choose to notice the way our role or our company's What the mission contributes to the greater good. world needs

Finally, figure out which of the world's problems upsets you the most and find ways to contribute your time, money or voice.

Alternatively, turn your pain into purpose by using your experiences to educate and inspire others.

If you've experienced mental ill-health, share your story with others to normalise it. If you've been through trauma, get together with other sufferers so you can support and inspire one another.


Reflect: Consider the current state of your life as you begin to look ahead to 2025. What is the balance like between pleasure and purpose in your life? Does your life feel as though it has a clear direction? How do your efforts and talents support or contribute to others in some way?

Plan: One way to find more purpose at work is lob crafting the deliberate modification and alignment of your job with your personal strengths and interests. Make an appointment with your manager in the new year to set up a time to talk about how you can make small changes to your role that help you do more of what you enjoy, are good at, and might help your colleagues or customers.

Act: Purpose comes from serving something bigger than yourself. As you set goals for 2025, turn your interests or concerns about the world into actions that help others.